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Self Correction and Life Challenges

Belated Happy Summer Solstice! For he it’s Beltaine, the festival of fire! This post is actually on the topic of self correction. It’s a way of being and holding space for ourselves, and others that do not understand. You can find it on my website and check it out on Instagram, my Youtube channel, and Tumblr. Especially on this one, please feel free to comment any personal experiences, like, and share with anyone who is interested.  

I want to talk to you about the ways I've had to self correct. This becomes difficult with a life challenge. It is too easy to think the world is against us. Sometimes we have to do the inner work to change our reality. Sometimes it is actually us, not the other person. If others who do not have any kind of challenge, and especially if you know anyone with a disability, I hope this post will be helpful to you. This may give you a better understanding of how we see things and interact with the rest of the world. Sometimes…