Working With Fictional Spirits

Greetings! 😍😀Here is my last video for the month! Expect all 3 posts to be written by Wednesday or Thursday night! I have saved the best for last. This one is titled Working with Fictional Spirits. There are two parts. A lot of people with disabilities or life challenges tend to gravitate towards fiction.  There will be more details on this in the written post. Check out my excerpts on YouTube and on my website Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my website, like, comment and share this post to anyone who is interested! 

This first post, being a part of a new Series I am starting on how I work with Fictional Characters. It will take too long to cover everything, because it is a vast topic that is explored among the younger generation, mostly on small communities and social media, psychologists, and in a few books, but there are lots of misconceptions abou the subject. 

First I want to specify what exactly I do, how I work with these characters, and some personal stories. From there I want to talk about my experience with how these characters operate. I can give you all some resources, but I will not be discussing kin stuff, and will not be giving out all my resources, for everyone's protection. However, I hope this helps everyone. With the media we watch Fiction is becoming a more permanent part of our mundane lives. 

What I do
I work with fictional characters as guides. I do not work any magic with them at this time. Right now I am mainly focused on cultivating a relationship with them. I usually ask them for help with every day stuff. As mentioned earlier in one of my blog posts, Legolas helps me if someone gives me the wrong directions, or if I am lost. I usually make them a vessel. This vessel of light for spirit to come through can be anything. I use plushes of the Akatsuki from Naruto, who I work with the most. I also used the example in a few videos of a stuffed animal I purchased and sewed in a ball of fur for my first cat that passed, named Ariel. I will
sometimes use jewelry as well. This gives the energy something physical to tap in to. It is the same with our Gods and Goddesses, also in the Egyptian Kemetic tradition, giving life to statues of their Gods and Goddesses. They can also act a meeting place for clear communication. We are creating a pathway for us to communicate with them. 

These vessels can be helpful when creating a clear intent of whom you want to speak to, and what you want from them. There are different versions of these characters, movie or comic book. There are characters that developed in multiple ways, and it is important to know in what way they are coming to you. They may come to you in multiple versions of themselves, so it is good to know that beforehand. 

I also make bracelets that I can take with me, in case I need support from a particular type of energy. The one I showed you guys as a friendship bracelet On my social media pages, in case I didn't make it obvious, was made for the Akatsuki. 😊 

The first thing is to cultivate a relationship. You want to know who you are working with and why. Explore the world that they come from. This is important for especially me, because in the beginning of the anime Naruto, the Akatsuki were seen as the villains. At the end they became the antiheroes. They are still dark, but peace was their true motive. Harley Quin is a good example of this. The older generation will recognize her as both, when she was working with the Joker. The younger generation is limitd, as they have only seen her as who she is now. DO YOUR RESEARCH! 

If you are an empath this can be extremely helpful. I can feel the emotions of characters on TV. That is honestly what got me thinking about this. I should not as an empath be aloud to feel from a cartoon. from a spiritual perspective, everything is made of energy, so even if you look at this from a logical scientific perspective it still makes sense. You can view them as Archetypal energies. This can also be done from a psychological perspective. This is where my way is probably along the lines of coping. I'm not afraid to admit that. I like to stay grounded, one foot in and the other out. It is all about balance. It can be way too overwhelming when you are not thinking from the logical part of your brain for long periods of time. So that's me! This is who I am. If you think I'm crazy, that's okay. I am not asking you to believe in this. This is my thing.

Sometimes when i wake up in the morning I ask myself how I'm feeling, and while meditating, I ask myself what type of support or energies I need. Then I connect to my guides and ask them to accompany me. Sometimes just knowing they are there helps me. Sometimes just their presents that keeps me going. They don't really need to do anything. This is especially important for me. As mentioned in another post, many people with disabilities and life challenges Cosplay, and use other things like that for therapy.  

When I do ask for support or specific things most of the time it is simple. A lot of times I have to get up to go to school, or run errands. I ask them to give me strength, just as I ask my angels to save my vessel if I feel faint. I have a contract with one of them to help me. Out in public, that leaves me vulnerable. I mostly ask for simple things, like helping me find my destination, watching me to make sure I don't get a dizzy spell when my iron is low, finding what I need, so I don't have to wonder around too long looking for it, and even sometimes I ask them to help me feel happier, to cheer me up. I get depressed quite often, and can't always function. I offer them some of my food in return, if what I needed was food. If I have something good, I share it with them. They always get first dibs. It is not a professional offering, as I do not do magic with them. I have not done this lately, as the angels let me know that my health is too important, and when I am healthy again, I can start doing that. My guides are good to me. They will at times refuse something if they know I need it badly.  

I also do on occasion meditate with objects that act as correspondences to my guides. I place these on my altar. Sometimes there are no correspondences with fictional characters. Sometimes they are fill ins, and sometimes they might be developed, but not enough for you to know what their favorite foods are, lets' say, because the author did not think that was important enough to bring up in the story. I always ask them. When in doubt ask. Pay attention to feelings you get when you are around them. I identify them mostly by smells, or colors I see around them. Get to know their funny isms, and you can put them on your altar, and meditate with them. 

Why? How I started this
A very good friend of mine I have
played with since I was 12 or 13 started teaching me spiritual truths. What I did not know until later was that he was drawing from Comic books, video games, and TV shows. He got on a power trip and dragged me and a bunch of others, mostly blind kids, in to his fantasy world. He told me "all stories are true," and had such a logical approach I believed him. I started realizing that in myself I wanted to believe these things existed. 

From there I began my journey to understand my karmic past, my guides, and get connected with my truth. Let's just say I went without him, and he did not like it. Deidara from the Akatsuki came to me differently than my current characters. he came to me as an angel or a spirit of the Earth, possibly a diety or elemental being, in the guise of Deidara. I never figured it out. In a sense he played the Horned One. He showed me his "true power" of the Earth, the connection to the Goddess. Mind you, I never knew anything about Paganism. I did not even know it existed, so this was a huge thing for me. I left my friend's group, and told him I no longer desired what he wanted. I went on a quest to further my connection to this "Goddess!"

It took a long time, but coming in to the world of Massage I discovered my healing abilities, and my desire to become a Healer or a Mystic. Whenever I was upset he used to rub my back, and it inspired me to bring that same loving energy in to other people's lives. I ran in to more people that were Pagan and specifically, Wiccan. I still had no idea Wiccans believed in a Goddess. I honestly thought it was a joke. 

My friend tried to stop me from finding the Akatsuki again, and for ten years or more I was in a very bad place, being attacked by beings that were not in my highest good, in the guise of the Akatsuki. That is why I emphasize to you to be careful out there. 

A guide once shared something with me that really stuck with me. 

"Focus on what you want to do, and embody it. Bring up all those feelings and perceptions about your guides and embody them. It's important to be in the right state of mind when you are connecting with them." 

I've found this useful when I am doing just about anything. It helps your focus, making you stronger, and your intent stronger. As a result the magic is stronger.

How They Operate

There are different theories. I will be posting those theories in the next post. My personal theory is that it depends on the media, and it depends on what interactions you have with that character/spirit. An example of this is Gollum's movie version. Andy Circus did one hell of a job creating the movements for Gullum, so you have a 2D-3D or possibly higher human, Then you have this CGI object over it, so you can take that lots of directions. When I say 3D, I mean 3 dimensional. I also mean the idea that as our spirits evolve we see in more ways, we see more dimensions of the bigger picture. This concept applies here too, to our fictional friends. Angels can come to many of us at once, because their frequency is higher, and they can move faster. This is due to how many dimensions they see, on a basic level of understanding. 

Sometimes I have to pry it out of my spirit guides. Sometimes they don't tell me everything. It's important to be very clear what you want to know and why. It's just like a prayer, sometimes you have to send off your intent to the universe, and then let it go...

To further confusion, we have our own perceptions of these characters. This can be explained by the way we all see God differently. We can look at the same image, but each of us will see something entirely different. Art is another example. We can use our imaginations, or even speak to it in different ways. It is my personal belief that these characters probably come to you in whatever way you need. These can be dimensions, or parallel universes. If you think about a crystal, turn it around, you can see different things from every angle, and it becomes a different crystal entirely. What I am describing is very similar to that. 

I probably over think a lot, so don't feel you have to go in to great detail like me, but a basic foundation is good. This also goes in to knowing how to protect yourself. It should be without saying. Do not do anything or practice anything that will harm yourself, or others. If it is your will to work with evil or villains, do not expect the results to be to your liking. They are still evil. They are still villains. I don't work with all of the Akatsuki for this very reason. Some of my guides do not always look out for my highest good. I say that with a lot of love. You don't even have to make them your guides. Just because the Akatsuki is a group, does not mean I can't let them know that I do not get along or do not want certain members of that group around me. You have a voice. I see so many people that work with the dark and expect there to be no real consequences. Sorry. 

When I started finding traces of the Akatsuki, I prayed for Itachi's help. I was crying from all the pain I went through. I kept begging and crying out for help. I went outside on the deck and heard a baby crow learning to kaw. It sounded like it was dying.

I respectfully heard the mother and backed away. I did not immediately make the connection with crows to him. That is also why I have to make sure that my relationship with the animal guide Crow is separate from my relationship with Itachi. Anyway, I heard them fly towards me again. I slowly got up again and moved away. I sat very still, looking up at them. All of a sudden, the baby crow kawed and flapped its wings. A single feather dropped from its wing, glossy black. It fell right in to my lap. The two crows took off. I called out a thank you. To this day crows follow me. 

I do not have a particular connection to Crow, so I learned to tell the difference. Itachi's Crows will watch over me, cross my path in a very obvious way. Sometimes fly in the direction I should be going, and I am always left with the feeling that he is thinking of me. I feel his presents, although he is not there. I started by watching Crow, learning about Crow, knowing what their various calls mean. I told my therapist about this. that was when we slowly began to pick this apart, and look at it from all angles. 

Also, a lot of myth and especially a lot of Anime is based off many truths. My personal favorite is Master Pain from Naruto. If you start researching, he is based off of a lot of quantom-sciences, and the philosophy of the inner God or Goddess. I work with other beings as well, not just fictional spirit guides, but they were a large part of my life for so long. Now I am trying to get more in touch with my family, past loved ones, and my ancestors. My grandmother sent a fictional spirit to help me get through the story I mentioned earlier, when I very first started looking for the Akatsuki. I'll show you her picture. We are a lot alike. It was this guy's best friend. 

Itachi inspires me as a guide for 2 reasons. 1. His clan often gets sick from the over use of their visual Jutsu, or powers from the Sharingan, and blindness is common. When I told Itachi about feeling embarrassed meeting him, cause I was blind, he told me to him it was an every day occurrence. It got me thinking about if we thought disability was an ever day thing. He shared with me how difficult it was for him at first. When I told him I felt weak, because of my disease, he told me it did not matter to him. He explained the regrets of his life to be, and held my hand, letting me know that “it is not what you do, but how you do it,” that matters most! He saw my intent to be a healer, and wanted to help. Would it truly be a big deal to us? 2. As an blind warrior, he is a good example of a man who deals with the challenges of blindness while never really leaving himself. He ya still powerful and although his health ultimately kills him he still manages to torment his younger brother as if nothing has changed. The truth of the matter is it hasn’t. We are always the sane people we started out as, but entering a new phase of being, new challenges, and new ways to train! I can not thank the writer of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden enough for doing such a great justice!!! Itachi is not just the villain, but the antihero. The creator has given people of blindness and visual problems the representation of both. That is extremely important, because we are just people. Also Itachi is one of the key inspirations for my blog. After I heard his apology to Sasuke, and he lectured his little brother about his regrets, and realization about never loosing yourself, the importance of self, and to be who you are, I melted! It has to start within. We are perfectly imperfect the way we are. We are more than just our bodies. We are connected deeply to ourselves, and the unseen realms within. Generally, and we have guftscto offer the world by the lessons we learn! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 you my friend!!

Itachi was on my mind when I went looking too. There was a man I felt I was going to meet when I was little, about 3 years old. I did not grow up with Naruto, or any anime. It was forbidden. Itachi is that man! He became important to helping me heal a karmic heartbreak. I was never afraid of him, even when everyone else thought I should be, but after a while I would have never admitted it. I pretended to hate him for a long time. I felt instantly like I knew him. Sure enough, his story and my karmic love story/heartbreak as a soldier matched. It was definitely fate that we should encounter. 

To wrap things up, sometimes my characters don't stay with me. They are not just like Gods and Goddesses, but like people too. Say you were trying to get to know your neighbor. It takes time and effort. Sometimes relationships come and go throughout your life. Sometimes the same people that helped you with certain things are not supposed to stay with your forever, but are m=eant only to help you with something in particular. I hope you've enjoyed this post. 

Blessings 💚 

Here are some of my resources. 

1. Pop Culture Magic and other books by Taylor Ellwood This is not a great book, but this is the one that got me started. It is very basic. It does not lay everything out for you, and is missing a lot of information. 

2. A Look at Pop Culture Magic by Heather Greene

3. This is not directly related, but helped me further my studies. 


5. Many talks with my Therapist Lynda Johnson. She is a licensed family therapist that works at Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. She is also a Marriage Councilor. She works with clients mostly for vision loss, and has her own private practice. This gave me a deep psychological background. Sorry I can't find the books I read. 

6. My other resources included a book of Japanese fairy tales, workshops,, talks and various podcast episodes. Most of these plus my time studying Myth and folklore were very personal resources that helped me on a personal level, and will not be given. There were also a few quotes I can put in the next post from various Scientists that helped me find faith. 

7. Most of my best resources were honestly my intuition. It was up to me to fill in the blanks of all this research. 

I hope this will be enough for everyone. If not, I can track down more, and edit this post. 


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