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Everyone kept telling me I was“so brave.” Everyone kept telling me, “I don’t know what I would do if I were you. I would be scared if I couldn’t see.” These are all lovely compliments. The truth is I don’t know what I would do if I were you. If I had sight a lot more would be expected of me, because now I don’t have something to fight in a court case. I don't have a medical excuse as to why I didn't know there was a morning meeting, or why I can't work as many hours as required to keep my job. Bottom line, everyone has their cross to bare. The thing that I most want to tell you is this also underestimates your life challenges. I never thought about being brave as a part of being visually impaired. It used to embarrass and I'll admit, feel as though I was being mocked. When I got older it started making much more sense. Here is my spin on it. 
A lot of my struggle is knowing how to carry myself, how to respond to other people’s freak outs. I sometimes feel my disability …

Finding a New Home

Happy New Year! 🎉 I am currently in transition. I have quickly moved and am in the process of settling in to find an awesome new home. I am looking to get a job or finish up my certificate. Therefore, I will be doing occasional blog posts and readings when I can. I want to write about how I got to this point. It is time to say it. Like most disabled and people of life challenges, I have been living in a toxic environment most of my life!

I have been seeking a spiritual practice and path since I was a child. Everyone in the “real” world told me I needed to grow up, but no one ever explained. This will bring up a new topic about liboration and independents in ny next post. In this blog post I want to talk to you about what it means to fund a home, and the work that nobody does. I am sitting on a friend’s couch as I write this, so forgive any errors right now.
I tried to go to school and get a good career. It seemed like I was caught in a web of having a certificate and being unprepared…

Pick Me Up Quartz

This is my pick me up bracelet! It is chunky clear quartz and a treble clef charm in the middle. There is one bead near the knot I got from Michaels. This was sold as Citrine, but uf mire likely baked Amethyst or dyed quartz. I am not sure. I needed more length, but in making these I would normally not add that extra head. This bracelet ya heavy for those tunes when you need help and do not know what you need. Music is a great way to lift up anyone. It was enchanted, tuned with my hand bell and Reiki charged. This particular one was sat on by a cat, so it gets loud ya of animal energy in it! 😂

December Oracle Reading pt 2


December Oracle Reading pt 1

This is an exciting reading! If you like feathers and Owls you will love this one! 💚💦 This reading is done in two parts. Part one coming soon.

November Oracle Reading

Here is your weird November reading. I wanted to at least gie you something. Unfortunately the cards thought differently. 😂

Red Jasper Dedication Bracelet

This is one of my newest creations. I dedicated this to my guides, so I can carry them with me. It's a little more than just a key chain or a t shirt. Since it is made of Red Jasper, spirit of Red Jasper will also be a link to these particular group of guides. I chose this, because of the color and the healing properties. Jasper has long since been a loyal friend to me. Red Jasper is very good for balancing out your root and healing of general health problems. It presents love and passion too. For me personally, Jasper is one of those friends that helps me with everything. I wished I could have made it in sterling silver. I recently found a few pendants in gold and silver. I hope one day to sell these, as they make good friendship bracelets as well.

I used an essential oil combo of Rose, African Sandlewood, Myrrh, and Primrose. The idea behind this combo was to ground myself in the love from very close guides. I am hoping to make more dedication bracelets as well. I would have ne…

A Personal Moment

I went to the Monteray Bay Equarium about a week and a half ago. I wanted to share with you a personal experience I had with one of my oldest animal totems, Octopus. This is also my personal pitch to people visiting zoos equariums and other places where wildlife is kept to please treat the animals with kindness and respect. We rarely know how to treat each other this way. 😂 Animals are a lot like people of life challenge. Others may underestimate us, thinking we know nothing. The truth is our experience of living in our particular vibration with different conditions than others, gives us a greater intelligence than most. Cats love and value themselves so much, they don't care that we think of them as our pets. We are the ignorant ones, according to the cat totem.

The above picture is one I took online from the equarium website. The Octopi I saw were not filmed out of respect. Some flash photography is prohibited at the Monteray Bay Equarium. Sadly some of the workers do not even…