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Everyone kept telling me I was“so brave.” Everyone kept telling me, “I don’t know what I would do if I were you. I would be scared if I couldn’t see.” These are all lovely compliments. The truth is I don’t know what I would do if I were you. If I had sight a lot more would be expected of me, because now I don’t have something to fight in a court case. I don't have a medical excuse as to why I didn't know there was a morning meeting, or why I can't work as many hours as required to keep my job. Bottom line, everyone has their cross to bare. The thing that I most want to tell you is this also underestimates your life challenges. I never thought about being brave as a part of being visually impaired. It used to embarrass and I'll admit, feel as though I was being mocked. When I got older it started making much more sense. Here is my spin on it. 
A lot of my struggle is knowing how to carry myself, how to respond to other people’s freak outs. I sometimes feel my disability …
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Movement Through Change [Crystal Grid]

🤍🤍🤍 This grid will stay up as needed.

🤍🤍🤍 Prayer- May this grid help those in need move through big change in their lives, smoothly, gently, and joyfully, with the great gifts of the Earth Mother, water medicine, and all things beautiful.

🤍🤍🤍 Through the cracks and toughness of change comes smoothness and harmony. Without each hole and every crevice, the beautiful can never shine through. Out of chaos, our world was born and shall be reborn.

🤍🤍🤍 Blessings

What Next?

What next? I am healed and bright! I am ready to take on the world. Everything grows quiet. Too quiet! The chatter in your mind is gone. There is nothing left to say or do. You are facing a blank slate ahead of you. Although this experience is absolutely beautiful, it can be pretty daunting at times.  Uncertainty is sometimes scary. With so many new options and concepts unimagined, how can you possibly contemplate what to do next and how to move forward. This is the end of a era and the beginning of a new one. This is one of many times we ascend.

There are so many posts and discussions about ascension sickness and symptoms, but not enough about what happens after it. Its a funny thing. At least for me, it almost felt anti-climactic. To make these great changes and express this new version of myself I knew I had to do a lot more preparation work in order to start living this new life. The only thing that changed was my inner world, but my outter world seemed so different and daunting.…

My Life Challenges in My Education

I have mentioned many times before of my experiences with education.I was not ready to step out in to the sun and reveal this person life story, but I knew many could benefit from it. Our education system in the U.S. in many cases, does not always work for us people of life challenges. In my opinion, it rarely works for anyone, period. I do not want to seem negative, depressed, or angry, but especially now that we are talking about creating an all Charter School system, this topic needs to be brought up. I have often received an unfair education. I have been able to get some of those lost pieces back, but in a world that relies so heavily on education for a future, it has severely stunted my growth in this world. After talking with Cassandra Nelson, I realized how important it is to know that I was not alone, so I am writing this post with the hopes that this will reach others in similar circumstances. I am hoping this can also be enlightening to educators, who are working with peopl…

November Reading 2019

Hi! Got my usual crystal deck at the ready! 💗 Music is The Orange Autumn Days by Sean Watkins, guitarist in Nickel Creek. Love his solo stuff. This reading is a general reading. Evidently my guides want he to step it up. It was mainly about where we are as a planet in our journey through spiritual evolution. I’m new to receiving these types of messages, so keep that in mind. I trust I am ready to give them to the universe. For I might have not received them otherwise! Enjoy! 💗

Tragedy or Gift

Hi Guys! I'm changing the nature of my posts just a little bit. I want a bit more of a positive twist. For today, I wanted to talk about the positive side of being disabled. You know me though, I will be realistic about it. When we look back on ourselves from future lives to come, we carry knowledge, skills, and wisdom with us. There are many unrecognized talents we carry as people of life challenges. I'll talk about why and how these talents are not being recognized, but it is pretty self-explanitory. It is not just important to recognize our life challenges and how to work around them. It is important to discuss the gifts these challenges give us in return. These are the rewards of the hard work we have done most of our lives. We were born with these challenges and talents for a reason.  I do not believe in sugarcoating these challenges or holding people of disability at such a high pedestal it becomes awkward for everybody and to be frank, is ridiculous. It only causes dam…